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Mini Mist Fogger

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Mini Mist Fogger

  1. It is a product that improves coil blockage, pump corrosion and the decline of chemical effect making chemical valve ON to spray as a way of injection when the smog arises after dispersing agents only get heated for warming up using some portion of butane gas.

The chemical is not supplied to coil for the coil component life increased. It is supply through "The Chemicals supply pipe" into 'the Bundled discharge'. in order to avoid to combustion in the Coil inside. (KB-100 is diesel or water supplied to in the Coil.)

  • The Pump is not occur corrosion, because diesel and chemicals kept separate. (This product was split chemical tank and fuel tank.)

  • The chemicals was supplied directly to the Bundled discharge without the Coil. It is better, because it do not have the effect of heat.

  • It is possible using the various the chemicals by mist work. (Extermination of vermin, disinfection, quarantine, undiluted fertilizer and agriculture chemicals)

  • Excellent to securing the sight due to the mist made of water.